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After School Programs

The Glee Club:


This energetic voice and dance class is an exciting addition to our program. Students will learn three to four up-tempo group and ballad songs along with solos, duets, and the popular “Glee” factor of basic steps and gestures. This class incorporates songs from all decades and genres including appropriate Pop songs, Ballads, Broadway, and more! Songs from past performances include – “Aint No Mountain High Enough,” “Broadway Baby,” “Moana Medley,” etc.

Jazz Kids:

Learn technique, precision, and a high energy jazz routine! Jazz dance is a fun and exciting form of dance, encouraging self expression and body confidence. This class is about exercising and developing dance skills, in a fun supportive environment while improving self esteem.

Hip Hop Dance:


Shooting Stars teaches appropriate new dance moves, plus the necessary jazz technique to back it up. These dancers will be dancing to today’s appropriate child – friendly pop songs. We encourage personality and presence in this class! A hip-hop routine will be performed!


Showstoppers: “Musical Theater”


Singing, dancing, and acting are the three main components to this class. Students will learn stage confidence; develop ear training, vocal skills and learn basic Broadway dance steps. The performance consists of a scene followed be a musical number. The Wizard of Oz, and Annie have been favorites!

Shooting Stars Acting Class:


This exciting and energetic drama group is full of improvisational games, interactive story telling, and tons of imagination! We will work on developing comedy sketches and comedic timing, as well. Acting games are a major component of this class! This will help each actor with stage confidence and acting development.

Jazzy Ballet:


This class is a must for every dancer in training. Dancers learn poise, grace, and technique in an upbeat, active and jazzy ballet class. The use of props and story telling will be incorporated to guide our younger dancers. Ballet is used as the basic tool for every form of dance. Class is taught in a fun and creative approach to keep students interested. A performance will be held at the end of the session.


Classes are customized to fit each age group.


To incorporate a company class into student’s school experience. Shooting Stars will teach Performing Arts in a non-competitive and nurturing atmosphere.

To build confidence, self- esteem, and pride in today’s youth through fun in the Performing arts.

*All enrollment count is final after a two week period. Should a student drop a class after this time frame, Shooting Stars will still add this student in the class count.

*School Donations and Auctions: Any item donated by Shooting Stars expires 6 months after purchase from event. This is due to competitive nature of dance-teams.